Stranded: Into Another Dimension

Stranded: Into Another Dimension Intro

    Guess what's back?


  We got some new news. The Stranded Server community for the servers of The Aether II is now looking for moderators too!  I will have a blog area set up for mod applications only. The admin-head (Me, jml97) will look and see if you are good enough. If so, we'll set you up with some quizzes and a practice test. The rest will be seen in the blog. 


      Welcome to a community based Minecraft server with friendly admins and more.  We have a big, screwed up administration system (well, for the admins, for the players- nothing to worry about).  The players get to venture off into wherever and go on with there SinglePlayer experiences on MultiPlayer.  The IP is

       Now, for the real intro. Welcome to Stranded: Into Another Dimension. This is an Aether II: Genesis of the Void Minecraft server.  That means you must have the Aether II: Genesis of the Void alpha mod for 1.5.1 Minecraft installed. The admin jml97 was forced me to allowing public Aether and Nether portals at spawn, so thank him. You can play in the Aether, Nether, or Overworld, doesn't matter-just have fun.


1) Be nice

2) Don't swear

3) You cannot steal from chests, but griefing houses are fine

4) Don't harass, it's not nice

5) Use common sense


~Want to know more about the staff, server, or Aether II: Genesis of the Void mod? Check out the About Us section. 


Video of the server: 

Video of an awesome mansion built by me and jml97: